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Frequently Asked Questions and Other Info

What is HOOK & LOOP mean in some of your patch descriptions?

Hook & Loop is that material on the back of patches that lets you adhere it to your flight suit or flight jacket.  It is similar material to V e l c r o  but the bigwigs at legal do not want us using that copyrighted term unless we are 100% sure it is a V e l c r o product, which, once it is sewn on to a patch, is impossible to determine.

Why do a lot of patches have dried glue / paper residue on the back?

Patch collectors tend to glue or tape their patches onto an index card to be slid in a page pocket in binders.  These typically do not reduce the value of a patch. However, some of my patches came from a collector that was a little too liberal with his glue and used an excess of it on the back.  I have these priced lower.  Not-so-fun-fact, he had a framed display of patches that he put glue on the front of the patch and stuck it to the glass.  Most of those went into the trash.

What is a "staple dent"?

A lot of the patches I have listed, came from a guy who stapled them to index cards instead of using a spot of white glue or double sided tape.  When I remove the patch from the index card, sometimes there is a dent where the staple used to be.  I'm sure these can be steamed out and it doesn't detract from the patch too much.

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