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About Bunker Military Store

The online version of Bunker Military Store started as a brick & mortar store in Exton, PA called The Bunker.  It operated first, in a little booth in Downingtown Farmers market for many years before moving to a store in a strip mall in Exton.  That's where I met Don, the original owner.  He hired me on to create an online presence.  Don eventually retired and I took over.   The shop was a local favorite for many years until 2006 when I had to shut it down due to the economy.  I continued the eBay store.  

I ended up moving to Caldwell Idaho in 2010.  I was lucky enough to find a military collectibles store here in town and was quickly employed there for 10 years until it closed its doors in 2021.  

Although the eBay store was doing well, I decided to open this website to sell some of the better collectibles and also things eBay prohibits from selling.

I miss both my old shop and the one here in town as I met so many great people including countless veterans from all eras.

One of my favorite things from both shops are the posters I had veterans sign.  I had a poster for each conflict and that particular veteran would sign the poster.  These and the stories told to me will always have a special place in my soul. 

One thing worth mentioning, I sell WW2 German items.  These are collectibles not a political statement.  I also sell items that may be named such as swords, medals..etc.  I reunite items when I can.  I have purchased such items directly from family members who don't want them.  Rather than thrown them in the trash, these get placed in the hands of collectors.  

Thank you to all of you! - Rob


Don (right) the original owner of The Bunker and Frank, a 1930s Marine, who helped in the shop


The shop in Caldwell Idaho


Gifting a Distinguished Service Cross to a friend and Vietnam Vet recipient of the medal 


Having some fun in the shop


One of the many posters


Reuniting a grandson with his grandfather's uniform and medals

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